Monday, December 20, 2010

Well, as you can see I have no title for my blog. I just couldn't think of one. Anyway, I apologize for my last few posts being down in the dumps. But, due to the fact that my husband's leave date keeps getting changed every few days, what do you expect. But, hopefully we are beyond that. Although, they have another formation tomorrow & it seems after every formation there is a new date in mind for leaving - so we shall see. But, as of right now I am happy that he is coming home soon. I'm happy that things have settled down for hubby & right now all he has is time on his hands. He can sit back, relax, & watch movies or do whatever else he wants to do until it's time to load up. I'm also happy that we or I should say I will be able to move into the rental house before he gets home & hopefully have it all set up & decorated so he feels like he is actually coming "home". This little delay will give me the time to do so, so despite my down feelings - that I am thankful for! I hated the fact that as of a few weeks earlier, we were not going to have any place to go once he got home (we were having to wait a couple of weeks) except for a hotel or such, I also hated the fact that I couldn't have cute decorations around "a" house to celebrate his homecoming or put signs in the yard. But, now I think I just might be able to :) Everything works out for the good, even when we don't think so sometimes. So, I've pushed away the unhappiness & now I am happy. I'm happy for it all! Thank you Lord, that the end is in sight!!!!!


Pen Pen said...

That's a sweet way to look at it, Jess! Where are you going to live? I'm excited for you!!!

Expat Girl said...

Woop woop he will be here eventually and like you said every cloud has a silver lining and now you can get your organising and decorating groove on! I lovedddd creating a home for the hubby to come back to!