Friday, December 3, 2010

Month 11 in Review

We are very fortunate to be working on our last month of deployment...come on Month 12:)

Month 11 in Review:

- Voted

- Yearly Gyno visit

- My 24th Birthday

- Received birthday flowers from my hubby

- Baby shower for hubby's cousin

- Shopping trip in Raleigh

- New battery for my car:(

- Finished reading "Safe Haven" by Nicholas Sparks

- Sent hubby care packages & letters for this month

- Bad news about extended homecoming dates...but those have cleared up & everything is still on schedule:)

- Veterans Day

- Ordered photo Christmas cards

- Went to the movies to see "For Colored Girls"

- Judgment House with our church

- Found a place to rent when hubby comes home until we are able to decide where to settle down

- Thanksgiving

- Started reading "Eat, Pray, Love"

- Girl's Night

- Found out highschool friend is prego:)

- Went to the movies to see "Morning Glory"

- Watched "Eat, Pray, Love"

- Received a letter from hubby


Beka said...


Expat Girl said...

Woop woopppppp hope you guys finish out just as strong and it is all over soon!

ancient one said...


AbbeyG said...

Yay for the last month being here!!!! That is so awesome, and I hope it flies by for you girly :)

Neidy said...

ALMOST DONE!!! It zips by so quickly :)