Monday, February 28, 2011

House Hunt Complete

Thank you all for the sweet comments about our new house. We are so glad to have finally found a place, as we have been house hunting since hubby has been back home. I felt like I was on the show House Hunters lol. We actually didn't think we would be getting this house which was #1 on our list of likes due to the sellers not initially accepting our offer, so we wrote it off & kept on hunting. Then a week later, we get a call saying they will accept our offer, so we felt it was meant to be & jumped on this great deal! It pays to wait it out sometimes! So, we are in the paper process & all of the inspections to go along with it. But, our closing date hopefully will be the end of March & then we will be moving once again...but this time it will be for good for a while!!!! I am already having to contain myself from buying up all kinds of stuff for this new place until I actually get in & see what I need & want :( But, we are excited to say the least. Hubby started back to work today so now every afternoon after work we will be packing up the rental house. Thankfully we didn't fully unpack here & 1/2 is still in boxes in the garage, so hopefully it won't be too much work. I'm also excited that we are moving near spring time this go round so it will feel fresh & new & we can get out in the yard & enjoy ourselves. Pictures of the house inside will come later once we are in & settled, so just hang tight! Hope you all have a great week:)

Friday, February 25, 2011

If everything goes accordingly...

We will be proud home owners of this fabulous house......

We are so excited to finally be moving to a place of our own!!!! Can't wait:)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Late Valentine's Day Post

So, this year my Valentine was home with me:) I tell ya, I am still on this high of having my hubby home. Maybe that's my problem with sleep lol! Anyway...this year he was super sweet! I came home from work to dinner ready & waiting for me with candles lit!!! (hubby is still on leave from his job) He gave me the sweetest card & 2 bags of my favorite candy! He also had vacuumed the house for me! AND *He bought me a new watch* He's the best! We definitely enjoyed our evening of being together on this LOVE day!!! I love this man so much & am so thankful & glad he is my life long partner! Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day as well & if this time you weren't with your valentine hopefully you will be next year!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sleep Deprived

Ever since hubby got home...I've encountered a problem...I can't sleep. I mean, I sleep but I never rest. I go to bed tired; I wake up tired! Anytime during the night I can wake up wide awake. The other night when I thought I was asleep (and evidently hubby wasn't) he told me the next day, all I do is toss & turn - the whole time! I'm not sure what my problem is. Is it because I'm not used to him being back in the bed with me or do I really have trouble going to sleep & resting? This past weekend, I was able to sleep in which is a great feeling, but it still happened & I woke up with a tension headache because of clenching my teeth so tightly (probably because I'm so tired & stressed that I'm not resting). So, tonight I am trying a Tylenol PM to see if that will help & I have an extra hour to sleep due to the prediction of snow in the we shall see. I'm so tired of being tired. I want to just rest peacefully. Well, I'm off to hopefully catch some zzzz's! Have a good night!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


We are currently living in a rental house that is quaint & cute, but it's an older house & it is costing us a fortune trying to heat this place. So, the hubs & I are on a hunt to purchase a home of our own. Who knew how stressful this would be. We find a great looking house we both like, but then it's in a not so good location or we find a great location & nothing that we like. We've been on the search for a few weeks now & we've come up with a handful we will contact our realtor about to go take a look wish us luck & keep your fingers crossed that we end up finally finding a place of our own to call HOME!!!!