Friday, October 31, 2008

Ending Another Month

I now have only 2months and 10 days until my wedding day!!! Me and Matt have been painting away in our little rental house. I'm ready for all of that to be done and I can finally start decorating. We have gotten alot of nice things from our 2 showers so far and it's driving me crazy that it's still sitting in boxes or bags in mom's room. But, things are slowly coming to a halt on getting stuff done until the final days:) Nerve racking!!!

This weekend I am going to try and get some more painting done as well as some wedding things. This cold weather just makes me want to crawl up on the couch with a blanket and a good book along with some hot coffee:) I don't love the cold weather all that much but I do enjoy it every now and then!!

Matt is going into the "field" this weekend, with his US ARMY weekend duty. They are going to Camp Lejeune for the weekend and doing some military camping! I told him he better take his long johns, cuz it's going to get cold. Pray that they all have a safe and good time!

So, onto something else...I am planning on going to vote either this afternoon or tomorrow morning. I'm excited, because this will be my first time able to vote...the last time I missed it because I had just turned 18, so now I will know how it feels to go vote. I'm not really worried about this election, because I know God is in control, amazes me how some people can call themselves Christian and still vote for our democratic candidate Obama. It has nothing to do with me not wanting to vote for a "black" man...if there was a black man running for president and his guidelines, principles, & morals were as close to what I believe (the Holy Bible) then my vote would go for him. It's not a popularity contest or a racist issue, but just remember to vote CHRISTIAN!!!! I'm usually not one to voice my opinion on this, but sometimes you have to go with your gut!!!

Pray for our Country!!! WE NEED IT!!!!

Until next time...

Monday, October 6, 2008

A little something about Me

the name is jessica louann butler i am 21 years old i am getting married january 10, 2009 i have been dating my soon to be husband for 3 years now I love him with all of my heart. He is my rock, my soul mate, my love of my life, my one and only, my best friend! I am more in love with him now than I was the first day I laid eyes on him. He is the man I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with. I have a wonderful family & awesome friends who end up turning into family! I am a simple girl, not hard to please, I love life, love to laugh, and try to live my life to the fullest. I am a girl who dreams about my wedding day & I have saved myself for my future husband. I am a born again Christian and love my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. He paid the ultimate price so that I have the gift of eternal salvation. My favorite color is green. I'm addicted to shopping, especially for purses, jewelry, & shoes. I'm not into drama, so don't pull me into yours. I love the beach along w/ sunsets & sunrises. I am a romantic and love to fantasize. I love taking long walks, going fishing, riding fourwheelers, and bowling. Sometimes I talk to myself, but I have not answered myself just yet. Smoothies make me happy, Strawberries dipped in chocolate make me smile, and anything chicken makes me giddy for food! I have a wonderful brother who I consider a wonderful friend and who I have alot of fun with. Who says you can't have fun with your brother? I love swimming. Sunshine is one of my good friends. I love my job, but I'm not a workaholic. Sour patch kids are my favorite candy, moose tracks is my favorite ice cream, coke is my favorite soft drink, and I'll take a caramel frappucino any day from Starbucks. If you meet me you may think I am quiet, but once you get to know me you will think otherwise. I'm short and my boyfriend is tall, but that's ok that's why someone created high heels. I love the smell of coffee brewing, cigars, fresh cut grass, my sweetie after he gets out of a shower, the ocean, watermelon, and a newborn baby. I want to be a full time mother & wife one day. Photography would be an option, but I'll just stay home with my kids, greet my husband when he comes home and take lots of pictures of all of us. My fiance' is in the Army Reserves. I am so proud of him. I want a yorkie, but I love my golden lab, Duke, at home. I look just like my brother & mom, but lots of people say I remind them of my dad. I have a huge heart and want to help everyone I can. Older people make my heart melt. I absolutely love children, want several of my own, and hopefully one day I might adopt. I guess I could go on and on because I love to write, but that will do for now!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just for you, Grandma Ann:)

We are registered at:
Linens N Things
Belk- there are 2 under our names , for some reason some things got put under one and some on the other:(

Monday, September 22, 2008

Time is ticking...

Time is ticking away from me, slowly but surely. My wedding is now about 3 months away with a few days here and there. Things are coming along. I went and picked out a design for my wedding cake last week and ordered the invitations today!!! Matt and I now have a place to live and we are able to get the keys Oct. 1st. Which is wonderful...our first showers are scheduled in Oct. so now we have a place to store all of our wonderful gifts!!! Yay!

Cousin Holly was married on Saturday and Mom has said for several months now, once this wedding takes place - don't plan another thing other than wedding - well here we are starting full fledge, diving head first in!!! Holly's wedding came and has gone and now me and mom are busy bees!

Me and Matt have alot ahead of us as well...we have a kitchen table that was given to us by his aunt to sand and paint. We also have chairs to paint and our kitchen walls. I have to drag our coffee tables out of "my" storage barn Dad so willingly let me use;) I am so excited about decorating!!! We have finished our registering *I know Matt is glad* and now it's just time to wait on our gifts:)

I get to go pick up my dress this weekend which has already gotten me excited - I can't wait to see what it looks like! I mean I kind of do, but the original one I tried on was a size 10 , so I couldn't really tell what it would look like on me once it fit! So...hopefully everything will be just dandy and not too many alterations!!!

Until next time...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

crazy, crazy, crazy

That explains my life lately - crazy!!!! Things have been going hectic lately with everything still trying to be planned, but aside from all of that, my life is exactly where I would want it to be! I enjoy life, family, friends, and of course my soon to be husband! I haven't blogged in a while and still really don't have the time to do so now, but I thought I would post a little something to update my page. I have another busy weekend ahead of me - so I must pour on the strength to make it through. LOL!!! I honestly do enjoy all of the planning, but I must say it will be so nice after Jan. 10, 2009 when me and my hubs will be on our plane to the island of St. Lucia!!! Can't wait for all the peace and maybe some serenity. Until next time...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Blog

Today is Monday and it's back to work!!! After a busy weekend it was nice to come back and have a little breather:) Wow, who knew work would be a place where you could catch a breath after being so busy! On Friday me and Mom had to go meet with the rental co. & the caterer. And that was pretty much an all day thing. Tonight we were suppose to meet with a lady about invitations; but since my mother just had surgery and it was her first day back to work she was rather tired. So, we rescheduled for next week. I have been getting my list together with all of the people we plan to invite and trying not to leave anyone out - talk about a tough job!!!

This weekend me and my honey have ALOT to do...we have to go to the jewelry store to pick out bands and drop my beautiful ring off to be sized, then we have to go register one more place for upcoming showers, and then off to Kinston we go to pick out tuxes and get honey fitted. Not to mention me and mother have to go to Smithfield sometime this weekend for me to look at and try on the bridesmaid dress I have picked out to make sure it is the exact one I want before I take my bridesmaids to Smithfield the following Saturday.

Now about a place to live, me and honey had the hardest time trying to figure out what we should do starting out. We couldn't decide whether or not to rent, or buy a small cheaper house. Being that we don't really know where we want to settle down for awhile at yet, we have come to the conclusion we are going to rent. Another thing we did not want to do is rent an apartment or townhouse - nothing against those, but I just didn't like the fact of coming home to an apartment/townhouse complex parking lot and having to leave and come home by myself sometimes at night. I guess my mother and honey have scared me to death of everything that possibly could happen or go wrong, so now I'm extra precautious. So, very fortunate enough there is a small 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house coming up for rent the first of this month and it's right down the road from my mother and father. We feel like for right now that would be the best place for us. Especially to figure out what we want - and let's not forget to save money for a future house one day!!! We are supposed to go look at it sometime next week so keep in your prayers that it will be the Lord's will and something we just fall in love with because it's just so right!!! Of course, I'm so ready - my room is overflowing with stuff that needs to go in "our" house. I'm ready to decorate. I guess I followed after my mother:) And I have to say that's not a bad thing!!! She has wonderful talent in that area!!!

Until next time...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Wedding Plans

I am beginning to start my wedding plans. I am getting married to the man of my dreams on January 10, 2009 at 3:00p.m. We have been dating almost 3 years now. September 17, 2008 will make it official. We knew we didn't want a long engagement and me being the fairytale romantic I am already had my whole wedding planned out, so we got engaged the last part of June and will be married in January. I am so excited, I know not to go into a marriage thinking everything will be nice and rosey all of the time...but I can't help but anticipate the day that it will be just me and him. Don't get me wrong, I will probably miss living at home with my family from time to time, but just the thought of us being a family and starting a full family together is bliss.

As far as wedding plans go...let's just say they are going. I try not to let myself get too stressed it just feels like everything is planned out in my head but nothing is being done. Which things are being done, just slowly. I have my dress ordered, my photographer booked, meetings set up with caterers, invitations, and rentals, reception site reserved, and lots of little things ordered and coming in. I get so excited and then I get so tired. Who knew it could be this much work, even though I know everything I want. So, pray for me that I will get everything I need to done and efficiently, so that this wonderful day will be all that I have ever dreamed of. Until next time...