Friday, December 18, 2009

One more week

Well, one more week is all I have to spend with my wonderful husband, before he deploys to Afghanistan. We have truly enjoyed each other this past week with time to ourselves & enjoying the Christmas holidays with our families. In a way time has flown by, but to think we still have a week together is nice. Since he's been back we have felt like newlyweds all over again, which is really refreshing. We have had so much fun just talking & laughing & doing stuff together. I knew in the beginning we were best friends, but I feel like our bond has become stronger. I love this man with all of my heart & so far I have done really good with trying to prepare myself for his departure. Sometimes, I catch myself thinking of being alone but I try to shake those thoughts for the time being & just cherish the moments we have together right now.

At times I can tell the tension gets to us & we may snap at each other out of a little bit of anger that he has to leave. As much as he is excited about going on a tour, deep down he worries about me being left behind by myself. I try to reassure him that everything will be ok, but I think he knows me too well & that I'm just trying to be strong for him. But, of course I will have my sad days, but I hope to have fun too & enjoy doing things I've always wanted to do. I know I will miss him every single minute of every day, but I rely on his protection from God. I know He will keep him safe.

Well, that is all for now, we are getting ready to head to Morehead to visit his gma & do Christmas with her....but I'll let you know how the days ahead will be.