Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Friday, August 12, 2011

Thank You Lord

Today was the day!!! We found out today that our little Baby Z is a precious little GIRL!!! Since we found out we were pregnant, our main prayer was that this baby would be healthy & well developed. In my heart, I wanted a sweet little girl so bad, but would have been thankful & pleased with a sweet little boy as well! Starting out with the heartbeat so high, I just knew it was a girl. But, as time went on & my shape started forming, I was slightly convinced the opposite way. I had determined it was going to be a boy! But, my prayer stayed the same. Today we go to the Dr. & have the heartbeat done first, it was 140. I looked at Matt & said..."It's definitely a boy." Even my nurse stated she had two boys & both of their heartbeats were in the 140's. We left her & went to the ultrasound room anxiously waiting to see our little boy on the screen. She started showing us the heartbeat once again, the head, the spine & so forth. Finally, she asked if we were ready to know what we were having. She started towards the legs & there was nothing in between. I couldn't believe my eyes. There on that screen was our sweet, sweet, precious baby girl. We were both in shock, but had nothing but excitement on our faces & in our hearts. The tech then went on to show us her feet, legs, arms & hands. As she got to the hands, our sweet little girl lifted hers up to say "hello". That little hand melted our hearts & our love for her is already so much it's uncontainable. The Lord is so good to us & has blessed our lives in so many ways, we can never be thankful enough. But, He looked down deep & knew the desires of our hearts & decided to bless us again. We thank the Lord He has given us a healthy happy little girl, whom we will spoil like there's no tomorrow! Thank you Lord!!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

17 weeks

and counting....down to Friday that is, when we find out if we have a boy or girl in the oven! Can't wait!!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

15 & 16 week pics

I am now 17 weeks, just haven't taken the pic yet! But, here is 15 & 16 weeks. It seems like the weeks are going faster than I can keep up! Next Friday, we go to find out what our little Z may be. Whether boy or girl! From the pics you have seen so far, what do you think? Some days I feel like I'm carrying a boy & other days I feel like I'm shaped as if it is a girl! I am all confused & haven't gotten the little motherly intuition just yet! When is that supposed to happen lol? I will be happy no matter what the sex of the baby is, a part of me would love to have a little girl to dress up & treat like a princess, but nothing takes the place of those mama's boys! I'm just ready to know & these next few days better not creep along! I am still feeling great! I have started to feel very light "flutters" in my lower region & right now those are the best feelings in the world! I can't wait until they get a little stronger! My energy is starting to come back & I know my hubby is glad of that because now I can get more things done around the house & he doesn't have to pick up my slack so much! But, he has been wonderful - not complaining at all! I still feel tired at the end of the day but not like it was in the first trimester! My appetite is back with a vengeance & at the moment I can't help but give into it! I do not own a scale, so I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not! I will be weighed soon & will go from there! The only problem I can complain of right now is lower back pain, but to ease it off I just get in the bathtub & soak. What a wonderful feeling! And so relaxing! Baby Z is about the size of my hand these days & about 4 1/2 - 5 in. long. Which means everything is starting to really stretch & grow. I love my little Z & can't wait until next Friday to find out & go shopping for his/hers first outfit:) Oh the joys of these little miracles!!!!