Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just an ordinary day

Well that soldier hubby of mine is still not home yet...but believe me, you will all know when he is. Today was back to work from the holidays. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, got to spend time with your families, & got everything on your wish list. My Christmas was wonderful even though hubby wasn't here. We still have one, well actually two more Christmas celebrations to go. We still have my dad's side of the family & then mine & hubby's Christmas when he gets home. We are spreading it out this year, which is nice, keeps the festivity going! But, besides celebrating Christmas I have been busy with the rental house, getting all of our stuff out of storage & moving it there & getting the water & electricity turned on. It has kept me busy & hopefully will continue so this time will really fly by until hubby is home. I actually went today & picked up a few decorative pieces for the house, which felt awesome by the way. It has been forever since I have shopped for a home & I loved it. I could probably get carried away, but I will try not to. Sometimes that's not a simple task! Well bloggers that was my day, consisting of work, shopping, & out to dinner for the best friend's 25th birthday which by the way will hopefully be having her baby girl real soon! I'm so excited! Anyway, that's all I got...toodles!

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Glamgran said...

Cant believe your man still is not home, hopefully he will be home with you soon, Wishing you guys the most fantastic homecoming and the very very best 2011. Love ya