Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

Baby Z & The Belly Bump

Baby Z is 10 weeks & is the size of a prune! He/she is starting to develop their elbows & knees. Still no sickness; tiredness still lingers but not as bad as in the very beginning; energy is slowly starting to come back; and belly is growing. Baby Z is starting to make my pants very hard to get zipped & buttoned & starting to show their form in my tighter fitting shirts. But, I am enjoying every step of the process so far & can't wait for more! I love my little Baby Z:)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Our Little Miracle of Life

So, Wednesday we had our ultrasound of Baby Z & it was by far one of the most awesome things in life. We were able to see our little peanut, hear the heart beat (which was 175) & see the little feet move. It was the best feeling in the world to see the little miracle of life inside me! Hubby was in awe too! We are already have so much love for this little life & can't wait to watch it grow & grow & form into our bundle of joy we can hold in our arms!!!

The midwife wasn't off by far with how far along I am. It was just a few days, so now I am 9 weeks & 2 days! Baby Z is a size of an olive!!!!

I will post the pic of our ultrasound as soon as I can get it uploaded!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Not Sure

So the blog of our announcing our expectancy was a scheduled blog because I didn't want to get too busy to share with all of you. But, the midwife was a little unsure of exactly how far along I am with me giving her the date of going off birth control & last missed period, so I will go back next Wednesday to have an ultrasound done to see the progression of Baby Z. Which I am so excited about. I hated finding out that I wouldn't have my first ultrasound until around 15-18 weeks & really wanted to see the "proof" that I had the baby in there. So, I was beyond thankful & ecstatic when she gave me the news. So, next week I'll shall see our sweet little butter bean:) And will fill you all in on just how far along we are!!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Guess What?!?!?!?!

Now I know the reason why,

I seem to be tired all the time!

I peed on a stick,

And what do I see,

But TWO purple lines,

Staring back at me!

My heart jumps a bit,

What shall I do?

This could change things -

A little life, Brand new!

Yes!!!! The hubs & I are expecting our first little one! I went to the Dr. on Tues., so now we are able to let the secret out!!! We are so excited & I have had the hardest time trying to keep it in. We found out a few days before Mother's Day weekend & that was our Mother's gifts. We gave them a picture frame & a "Grandmother" Mother's Day card! They were beyond ecstatic!!! I haven't been "sick" at all. I have been really, really, really tired & I just make sure I always have something in my stomach. I have times where I feel blah! But, hopefully the actual sickness will stay away! Little Baby Z is 8 weeks tomorrow & is the size of a blueberry. It's amazing how fast they start forming every little part. We are so thankful for this little miracle of life & pray that everything will go smoothly. So, my next set of blogs will be updates of our Baby! Hope you don't get too bored:)