Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The "Z" Couple

Just a few questions about me & the hubs that's been on alot of blogger's pages that I thought I would repost to let my blogger world know...

-How long have you been together?
~4 years going on 5 of being together, 3 years of dating & 14 months of marriage as of 1-10-09

-How long did you know of each other before you started dating?
~We have always "known" of each other, but never actually talked face to face until the summer of 05

-Are you from the same hometown?
~Yes, we actually only lived about 7 minutes apart (if even that)

-Who is the smartest?
~We are both pretty even when it comes to brains, but I would be willing to admit that he maybe a little smarter, especially on street smarts lol

-Who majored in what?
~Her majored in ME & I majored in HIM:) Jk He only went to Community College for his basic classes & then joined the Army Reserves & I have never gone to college. I began my career right after highschool

-Where do you eat out at most as a couple?
~Our favorite restaurant - Longhorn Steakhouse

-Where is the furthest you have traveled together?
~St. Lucia for our wonderful honeymoon

-Where was your first date?
~Our 1st date was to dinner & a movie - We went to eat at O'Charley's & we went to watch "The Skeleton Key"*We ended up oppositely matching*

-Who has the bigger family?
~Our families are about the same size

-Do you get flowers often?
~I get flowers here & there/the most special time I received them was on Valentine's Day 2008 while he was away at bootcamp

-How do you spend the holidays?
~We spend the holidays in our hometown going around to all of the family gatherings

-Who is more jealous?
We both are pretty even when it comes to jealousy, we aren't very jealous people, but when it's necessary our jealousy side reveals itself

-How long did it take to get serious?
~It only took a couple of months of "hanging out with friends" that he realized he wanted me all to himself haha, we started officially dating September 2005

-Who eats more?
~He does hands down - but you would never know

-What do you do for a living?
~I am a secretary/hygiene coordinator for a dental office & he is a driver for Fed Ex & the Army Reserves

-Who does the laundry?
~I do, but he does help out anytime I ask, b/c he's sweet like that:)

-Who is better with a computer?
~We are both pretty good about understanding technology, except when it came to facebook - I had to help him learn the ropes;)

-Who drives when you are together?
~He does - I mean hello thats what he does for a living lol (weird that he doesn't get tired of it)

-What is your song?
~"My Best Friend" by Tim McGraw

-Who is the oldest?
~He is by 4 1/2 months

-Cat or Dog People?
~Definitely dog people - we have a dachshund named Charlie:)

-Who cooks?
~I do most of the cooking, but he is a wonderful breakfast chef - that is his area & I love it!!!!!


April's Flowers said...

I love the "Z" couple. :) So I am a stay at home wife now. :) Imma gonna visit!

Pen Pen said...

Sweet! I learned some things about you two... love this post!

Jen said...

I love this! We have a dachschund too, her name is Emma! :)