Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Deployment Differents

It's funny how things/habits change when your husband is's a few of mine.

I can't sleep on just one side of the bed - I have to rotate or sleep in the middle

I have to fall asleep while watching TV

I end up waking up sometime in the middle of the night just about every night

I don't wake up as early as I should during the week, but on the weekends I can't sleep in

I hardly ever do any cooking

I watch more TV & have collected a few "my" favorites

I'm always on the internet - because there just might be a chance I get a message from my hubby

I worry a whole lot more - but I try my hardest to relax

I read more books


I'm obsessed w/ countdowns

What are some of the things that have changed for you during deployments or while your husband is away?

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Anonymous said...

-I don't have cable, I opted not to have it so I read...I've started reading a new book series this past week- it has 10 books in it (another one to be out in may)...and I'm on the last basically I read a book and a half a day. lol

-I don't cook, I eat a lot of tuna packs and veggies. ..and I've noticed I don't each as much.

-I still sleep on my side of the bed - but I use his pillow on top of mine.

-My house is spotless.

-I've turned my kitchen into my writing area...I don't eat at the table, I write the hubs letters.

-I stay up way late, and sleep in on the days I can.

-I use his hoodies as bathrobes...hahaha

...basically I am a hermit during the work week - and then on my days off I go to my Mom's or my Mom-in-law'