Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Month 3 in Review

Tomorrow is April 1st, so I thought I would go ahead & post Month 3 in review.

- Started Bible Study

- Started drinking more water instead of sodas

- Had several Girl's Nights

- Sent Hubby several care packages

- Started a Donut of Misery

- Changed my initials on my car

- Made a photobook of our New York trip

- Filed my taxes

- Went to see my cousin's new baby boy Avery

- Went to visit my other cousin for a girls weekend

- Got my hair cut

- Put a yellow ribbon around my tree

- Started reading The Last Song

- Cooked for my family (1st time since hubby has been gone)

- Started to like Zuchini

- Got hopeful news from hubby that coming home date may be sooner

March was a pretty good month, but I am so thankful it is over & we are on to Month #4. I'm hopeful that this time keeps going by as fast as it has!!!

Also, hope everyone has a wonderful & blessed Easter weekend!!!


Expat Girl said...

Sounds like a great month for you huni : ) I'm with you though, bring on month four!

Lisa said...

Yay for month 3 being done! Sounds like you've had a productive month!!

ancient one said...

I love the months in review .. you seem to accomplish so much.. that will help the time to go faster.

Pen Pen said...

Busy, busy... love this post! I'm trying to reduce and hopefully, stop, my soda intake too! Good luck! I am so addicted!!! Love the yellow ribbon pic!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you came for the girls weekend - we NEED another one. :) Having good times seems to make time fly when the hubs isn't around. :)