Monday, March 22, 2010


20% is where we are at on the Donut of Misery!!! Can't complain, because 20% is much better than 5% lol. And we are 40 something % on the R&R Donut of Misery. The countdowns are starting to move which is so exciting. But, I have to remind myself not to check these It's more exciting after a couple of days or a week & see the little time moving away. Who knew such a tiny countdown device could make so many of us happy, who our husbands are deployed. Deployment sucks, we all know that, but it's the little things that keep all of us going. I can't wait to hear from hubby again, he's supposed to call me tomorrow:) Yay!!! I absolutely love that man! He is my world!!! And, I love talking to him because he is always in such high spirits, he always talks about the "fun" things & how even though he has to be over there & misses me like crazy, he is enjoying parts of this deployment. I'm glad he stays upbeat for me:) He's absolutely wonderful!!! It's been forever since I've seen his face, but we'll just continue to count down the days until that wonderful day!!!!


Pen Pen said...

I'm glad Matt is such an upbeat person too.... you would really be upset if he seemed down in the dumps when he called, wouldn't you? I can tell that you are "so in love" and I love that about you!

Mrs. Mike said...

Thank you! I am in a much better mood now... Skyped with Mr Mike and then opened a gift package I got in the mail to find a new iPhone! Who can continue in a bad mood after those two delightful things?

I find that the bad days always seem to be rainy days.

I LOVE my Donut. I have renamed it Donut of Delight though, since the count down is now smaller than the count up!