Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Care Packages

This will be set #2 of care packages I have sent out for hubby. The first set, hubby has received one box but not the other just yet. So, hopefully he will get both of these on time. The one hubby hasn't received just yet is his V-day package w/ his gifts:( Bummer! Maybe they will show up some time. I've tried contacting the post office, but they keep telling me it was shipped & he should get it eventually. Care packages are so fun getting together & decorating & such. This one in particular I was extra cheesy on. LOL! I bought a bunch of snacks/things & put little love notes all over them! Hopefully hubby will enjoy & his buddies won't pick on him too bad;)

1 comment:

Pen Pen said...

I'm back on your blog again.. yay! I love the care package... especially the way you decorated the box with love notes! So sweet!