Monday, March 15, 2010

Month 2 in Review

Ok, Ok, I know this is waaayyy past due. But, I have seen it on several of the military wives' blog pages & decided I would do the same. So here it goes....

Month 2 in Review:

-Finally got my license changed to my married name (only after a year of marriage...oops)

-Had several girl's nights

-Sent out Care Packages

-Celebrated brother's 20th birthday

-Cousin Will & Wife Ashley had their baby boy Avery

-Watched this season of The Bachelor (even though it was disappointing)

-Read "The Lucky One" by Nicholas Sparks

-Learned of Matt's dates for R&R

-Made it through V-day alone for the 2nd year (not in a row though)

*Now, we are 1/2 way through with month #3 (yay!!), so that recap will be soon:)*



Pen Pen said...

Looking UP, girl.... time is counting down rather quickly. Probably not for you, but when you get to be my age... it seems to fly. That book you read... is that the one with Miley Cyrus in the movie? I just don't like her for some reason... but I will probably watch the movie just because she is in it. LOL

Field of Dreams said...

It actually has flown by faster than I ever thought it would...some days are slower than others, but for the most part it's going good. I think it's a little better now that I'm finally in my routine & know that it's just something that we have to go through lol. Actually the book that they are making a movie w/ Miley Cyrus is "The Last Song". That's next on the list, and I will prob. go see it too. I haven't seen Dear John yet though...maybe when it comes out on DVD. Hope to see you this weekend:)