Thursday, September 30, 2010

Month 9 in Review

Well, September has come & gone as of midnight tonight! Boy, am I glad to see the beginning of October...another month closer to hubby coming home!!! So, here's my month 9 in review - not too much went on this month...

- Cousin weekend in New Bern

- Labor Day - Beach day

- Girl's weekend in Ocean Isle

- Sep 17th = 5 years of me & the hubby "being together in life"

- Hubby's communication block only lasted 7 days of the 14 we were expecting

- Attended the good ole' Ayden Collard Festival :)

- Girl's Night

- Sent hubby letters & care packages

- Received my bridesmaid dress for MIL's wedding

- Hubby's base finally got wireless internet

- Had several skype dates with hubby

- Read "The Ocean Between Us" by Susan Wiggs

- Watched "Date Night"

- Bought us new living room furniture

- Oil change for the car

- Read "365 Deployment Days - A wife's survival story" by Sarah Dawalt

and that's pretty much it...nothing too spectacular - but I'm starting tomorrow off (Oct 1st) with a bang - pampering myself:)
woo hoo for October!!!!


Expat Girl said...

Woohooo for October : ) Have a fun day pampering!

Jen said...

Sounds like you had a lot going on. I'm sure it is nice to keep busy. Also, yay for Skype dates with your hubby.