Saturday, October 2, 2010

October....a new month

First of all, I will say, I honestly can't believe it is already October:) I am so excited that we are that much closer to hubby's homecoming! But, I'm really hoping the time doesn't start dragging by...maybe with the upcoming time change & now that it starts to get dark earlier, it will seem like the days are going by faster!

Already though, this month is starting to be a sad one. Yesterday, one of my co-workers received news that her husband's cancer is back & it's also stemming from somewhere else. They won't find out until later next week...but it's just so sad! They are a very young couple with 3 small children. But, the Lord is in control & will have His healing, protecting hand upon them! Today marks the year anniversary (if that's even an appropriate word) of my father in law's death. It doesn't seem like it's been a year already, it seems as if it was yesterday. I can remember that day so well, but at the same time, wish I didn't! This saddens my heart, because hubby is away, as you all know...and I wish I was with him to comfort him if he needs comforting. My hubby is very black & white and holds many of his emotions inside. He doesn't like to talk about things in detail & how he feels about them, he'd rather move on & never look back ...which I wish he would be more open & talk about his feelings...I just hope he's ok. I haven't been able to talk to him today because of him being out of range:(

Apart from all the sadness...sorry:(
I went & pampered myself with a massage!!!! My friend wanted to go have her a pre-natal massage before she left for vacation & wanted me to go with I figured, I couldn't pass up a massage, so I had my own done! We booked them at the place we always go, so we walk in & there's a man & woman waiting on us. The woman takes my friend & the man takes me. Now, some of you think ok...your point???? I've never had a man do my I was a little caught off guard lol! It ended up being fine, once I got over the slight oh my gosh moment...but turns out, my friend thought I had had him before. But, oh well, it was nice & so relaxing. He did mention to me afterwards, that it felt as if I had alot of stress built up & that I needed to relax more. I wanted to say "Yea, well you trying to relax all of the time while your spouse is deployed", but I felt no need in disturbing the relaxation I was feeling at the moment or make him think I was some crazy person lol! But, in all reality, I always have tightness & my neck & shoulders seem like they hold stress all the time (what it comes from, I have no idea) maybe I should look into having a massage done every month - I think it would be helpful:)

Then last night a group of us girls went out for dinner & it was so much fun, as always. So despite the sadness & the bad news (even though my heart goes out to the ones this sadness effects) I enjoyed my first day of October!!!! Hope everyone has a great month!!!


11BWifey said...

Officially saying *Hi* as a new follower to your VERY cute blog! My hubby is also deployed, so I can't wait to read more about your experiences! :)

ancient one said...

I giggled about your massage. Was sad about your father-in-law. Happy for the days passing until Matt comes Marching Home. I love you!