Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blog Award Time

Thank you to Jen over at Mr. and Mrs. Boots for this lovely award. She's new to the blog world & is currently going through a deployment, so check out her page & give her some words of encouragement!!! the rules....
1. Thank the person from whom the award came
2. Name 7 interesting things about yourself
3. Pass on to 9 bloggers
4. Let the bloggers know they have an award from you

So, here goes 7 interesting facts:

1. I have the most fun/loving/stubborn dachshund named Charlie

2. I'm married to my best friend

3. I've moved 13 times in my life & I'm not even a military brat (will be 14 once hubby gets back home)

4. I own over 40 pairs of shoes

5. I'm secretly in love w/Ashton Kutcher

6. I want to be a photographer one day

7. I do not like sushi

Now for the tagging part....

*I'm gonna leave this one up to you guys...if you would like to join so....the blog award is yours:)

1 comment:

Jen said...

Yay for blog awards!

-Thank you for the comment, it was truly a miracle that my mom made it to the races, she did awesome the whole 9 hours they were there!