Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Babies, Babies, Babies...Everywhere!!!

All around me there are babies or pregnancies!!! So many friends that have had babies, having babies, & trying for babies!!! *Makes me have the baby fever* :( But, my best friend found out today she is having a ...................................... GIRL!!!!! Oh how sweet:) No matter what she says, I WILL be Aunt Jessi!!!! I'm so excited for her & her husband! And can't wait to help spoil her!!!! Can't wait to meet her bundle of joy!!!!!!!!

Now, if I could just get my hubby back home for a little bit, then maybe we can start making our own plans to start our little family!!! We shall see;)


Jen said...

I know there are babies and pregnancies everywhere!! :) Yay for thinking about starting a family :)

Thanks for the comment, yes prayers are definitely working!

April's Flowers said...

I feel you on the baby fever thing...just do like Troy and I - we aren't trying to have a baby, but we aren't trying NOT to have a baby either. lol No pressure. haha