Saturday, April 10, 2010

Army Wives

The new season (season 4) of Army Wives premiers tomorrow night and I can't wait!!! Some of you may not like the show or thinks that it doesn't do the real Army justice, but I absolutely love that show!!! I have all of the seasons so far on DVD. Last season really left us with a cliff hanger, so I'm interested to see what's new & how it all plays out! We will see....

Side note: This weekend was pretty fun! I enjoyed alot of girl time this weekend which was needed especially after a blah week w/ the events of mother nature added to it:( I ended up going to a home & garden party that turned into a girls night basically & then I had a fun filled day of shopping with a couple of my friends as well! Not to mention, hubby called me 3x's this week instead of the normal 2:) I love my husband beyond words & he makes me so happy every single day of my life!!!!

Hope everyone enjoys the remainder of the weekend!!!


Jen said...

I am very excited for Army Wives tomorrow!!!! :) Whether it's realistic or not, it's a wonderful show!! :) I'm glad you have had a good weekend, yay for hearing from your hubby 3x. :)

Expat Girl said...

I missed season 3 of it so I know I have a BIG chunk of drama missing but I am veryyyy excited to watch it tonight!