Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Something to share

The Yellow Band of Gold

When lovers part for e'en a day -
For worthy cause, or no,
An empty heart must stay behind,
An empty heart must go.

The emptiness is still and dull -
Good times and smiles are few;
Unless a letter, two or three,
Will change the gray to blue.

The daily letter does the trick -
But lest a line grow old,
Rely upon a sterner stuff
A yellow band of gold.

The yellow band will light the way
In lovelife's darkest hour,
Renews a smile - relives a kiss,
Gives courage with new power.

This seal of old will say, "He's mine."
"He's mine and I am his."
Those words will echo in his heart,
No matter where he is.

Perhaps he's in a foreign land -
Or far out on the blue;
His deepest meditations are
His thoughts of love for you.

What is this yellow band of gold?
Is it a wedding ring?
Is it a picture, or a watch?
Or is it everything?

To me the seal is everything -
That I am fighting for;
Yes, it's a ring - and it's a watch,
But yet it's something more.

It seals a vow made long ago -
It's filed in realms above;
In truth it is a gift of God,
This band - the seal of love.

*This poem was written by Jerry B. Jenkin's dad in 1944 when he was 21 yrs. old & overseas. He liked to write poetry of love & devotion to his wife, he married after his return. He always referred to her as his "lifetime Valentine."


Pen Pen said...

That's sweet... your posts are so pretty!

ancient one said...

Love this Jess!

Anonymous said...

Aw - I loves it. :)