Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Ok...yes, hubby's homecoming is still a ways away...but I'm already wanting to look for a super cute outfit to wear for when that day arrives. In the summer, it's easy to find a cute sun dress or summery outfit to meet & greet your lover...but what are some ideas for the winter??? So...blogger world, I'm asking for your advice, pictures, websites, etc.!!!! I want to look super cute for my hubba lubba!!!!

Thank you all in advance!!!!


Expat Girl said...

I feel the same way, what the hell are we supposed to wear in the cold?!

Anne Michelle Feyer said...

Girl! That is a lot of pressure...picking one WOW outfit for your man to see you in after sooo long!!

I always love a sweater dress with leggings and some cute boots! But that's just me! Wear what makes you feel beautiful. After all he's gonna be so excited to see YOU that it won't matter what you wear;)

Jen said...

If it were me, I would wear a cute sweater, jeans and high heeled boots...maybe throw a scarf in as well :)

Pen Pen said...

I saw some cute sweater dresses while out shoppping the other day. And I thought "only Jess can wear those!" :o)

April's Flowers said...

Like you are really going to be in those clothes long anyway. Come on Jess...we know what happens on homecoming day. lol

...but for real though - I'm a leggings and boots gal. ...or skinny jeans and boots.