Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Blog

Today is Monday and it's back to work!!! After a busy weekend it was nice to come back and have a little breather:) Wow, who knew work would be a place where you could catch a breath after being so busy! On Friday me and Mom had to go meet with the rental co. & the caterer. And that was pretty much an all day thing. Tonight we were suppose to meet with a lady about invitations; but since my mother just had surgery and it was her first day back to work she was rather tired. So, we rescheduled for next week. I have been getting my list together with all of the people we plan to invite and trying not to leave anyone out - talk about a tough job!!!

This weekend me and my honey have ALOT to do...we have to go to the jewelry store to pick out bands and drop my beautiful ring off to be sized, then we have to go register one more place for upcoming showers, and then off to Kinston we go to pick out tuxes and get honey fitted. Not to mention me and mother have to go to Smithfield sometime this weekend for me to look at and try on the bridesmaid dress I have picked out to make sure it is the exact one I want before I take my bridesmaids to Smithfield the following Saturday.

Now about a place to live, me and honey had the hardest time trying to figure out what we should do starting out. We couldn't decide whether or not to rent, or buy a small cheaper house. Being that we don't really know where we want to settle down for awhile at yet, we have come to the conclusion we are going to rent. Another thing we did not want to do is rent an apartment or townhouse - nothing against those, but I just didn't like the fact of coming home to an apartment/townhouse complex parking lot and having to leave and come home by myself sometimes at night. I guess my mother and honey have scared me to death of everything that possibly could happen or go wrong, so now I'm extra precautious. So, very fortunate enough there is a small 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house coming up for rent the first of this month and it's right down the road from my mother and father. We feel like for right now that would be the best place for us. Especially to figure out what we want - and let's not forget to save money for a future house one day!!! We are supposed to go look at it sometime next week so keep in your prayers that it will be the Lord's will and something we just fall in love with because it's just so right!!! Of course, I'm so ready - my room is overflowing with stuff that needs to go in "our" house. I'm ready to decorate. I guess I followed after my mother:) And I have to say that's not a bad thing!!! She has wonderful talent in that area!!!

Until next time...

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ancient one said...

Amen on your mom's talent in the decorating area. Her house always looks like a magazine ... nah, her's is better... I hope you got some of her talent.

You will be busy for awhile, but it will all come together...

Love ya!