Monday, September 22, 2008

Time is ticking...

Time is ticking away from me, slowly but surely. My wedding is now about 3 months away with a few days here and there. Things are coming along. I went and picked out a design for my wedding cake last week and ordered the invitations today!!! Matt and I now have a place to live and we are able to get the keys Oct. 1st. Which is wonderful...our first showers are scheduled in Oct. so now we have a place to store all of our wonderful gifts!!! Yay!

Cousin Holly was married on Saturday and Mom has said for several months now, once this wedding takes place - don't plan another thing other than wedding - well here we are starting full fledge, diving head first in!!! Holly's wedding came and has gone and now me and mom are busy bees!

Me and Matt have alot ahead of us as well...we have a kitchen table that was given to us by his aunt to sand and paint. We also have chairs to paint and our kitchen walls. I have to drag our coffee tables out of "my" storage barn Dad so willingly let me use;) I am so excited about decorating!!! We have finished our registering *I know Matt is glad* and now it's just time to wait on our gifts:)

I get to go pick up my dress this weekend which has already gotten me excited - I can't wait to see what it looks like! I mean I kind of do, but the original one I tried on was a size 10 , so I couldn't really tell what it would look like on me once it fit! So...hopefully everything will be just dandy and not too many alterations!!!

Until next time...

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ancient one said...

I know you are getting sooo excited. Will you post your places you are registered on your web site? Or will we just find out on the shower invites? As fast as the time seems to you... it is flying for us old folks..LOL

Love you!!