Saturday, July 31, 2010

Month 7 in Review

Today is the final day of Month #7 - crazy to believe...but so happy:)

Month 7 in review:

- Took a Wilmington/Beach trip w/ hubby

- Celebrated July 4th

- Finally finished reading Twilight

- Hubby & I looked at a future house while he was home (will see if everything falls into place)

- Date night w/ hubby (ie. Olive Garden/Movie "The Grownups")

- Hubby left to go back to Afghan land

- Had a girl's night

- Jason Crabb Concert

- Read "A Time to Dance" - Karen Kingsbury

- Celebrated the accomplishment of 200 days of deployment

- Family Reunion weekend in Alabama

- Started reading "A Time to Embrace" - Karen Kingsbury

- Had to take Charlie to the vet due to a yucky stomach bug

- Girl's day (lunch & shopping)

-*Now relaxing on this last day of month 7, waiting for hubby to call*


Expat Girl said...

Another month doneeeee : )

Pen Pen said...

sounds like a wonderful month.. how is Charlie?