Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Month 6 in Review

*I know this is way late, but hubby came home for R&R at the end of June, and well...I've been a little pre-occupied:) So, better late than never & I will post about R&R later*
**By the way - he left today, so sad sad day to do a full post**

Month 6 in Review

- Came back from vacation

- Hubby finally moved back to his central location

- Got hung up on "The Bachelorette"

- Found out my best friend is pregnant!!!

- Gave a baby shower for another friend

- Had my hair done (went lighter & got a cut)

- Had lunch w/ a friend I hadn't seen in a while

- Father's Day

- Went to see the movie "Killers" w/ mom

- Hubby's Birthday

- Hubby came home a day after his birthday for R&R

- Me & hubby left for the beach

- Talked about future house plans

*Now, July is almost 1/2 way through & I couldn't be more happier - I hope this time flies by as it seems like it did the first 1/2 of the deployment*


Expat Girl said...

I hope you guys had a great time during R&R and I know the second goodbye is awful so I am thinking of you today. Cant wait to hear all about it though and now those 15days of memories can keep you going for the second half of deployment!

lmc said...

YAY for being halfway done!

ancient one said...

I love you Jess... I hope the next months go quickly...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you enjoyed those precious days with M-Zimmy. :) I know you agree when I say, I'm just ready for this being apart business to be OVER with!