Monday, May 17, 2010

With the Army things change like the wind

Well, as all of us military spouses know things change like the wind. Sometimes they change not only once but multiple times. That is what happened to us in the past few days. Hubby was supposed to be moved to 2 different locations 2 different days. But, not one of those happened. So, I like to wasn't just the Army making these changes. It was my prayers that helped out. As crazy and maybe selfish as it may sound, I did not want hubby to move from where he just moved to. One reason is safety and the other of course the wonderful communication we were having. Well, when route 1 didn't work out I was happy, because hubby dreaded this move. When route 2 didn't work out I was even more happier, because hubby didn't really assure me that this was a simple task in a safe place. I think he had a hard time being honest with me about that...but he can't tell me everything. And then, the other fact I had a hard time with was, we had just gotten to a place in this deployment when we had great communication and were able to not only talk to each other but also see each other and hubby had explained it may be weeks before he could communicate. I admit...I was devastated. So, I worried and I prayed. And when I received that joyful email from hubby saying he didn't go and was staying in the same place, my heart was thrilled. I know it was the prayers that played a major role in this outcome and I am so thankful. The only thing that made me sad was hubby really wanted to go, BUT everything happens for a reason.

So far, since his move last week we have been able to skype twice and communicate everyday! I truly am so thankful for this!


New Girl on Post said...

I hear you on the Army changing things. I'm so sick of not knowing what's going on with my husband or where they are sending him. It makes me want to scream!

P.S. Thank you so much for the blog award!

April's Flowers said...

I know it was a good feeling to read that email from him! :)