Monday, May 10, 2010

Quick Blog

Hello Bloggers!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend & a blessed Mother's Day. My weekend was fantastic with Mother's Day shopping, hanging out with friends, a singing at our church & of course spending time with my Mother & Mother in law on Mother's Day.
I have such a wonderful Mother & honestly consider her my best friend. I am so thankful we have such a great relationship. I love you, Mom.

Hubby has been able to call more lately & that's always a plus. He informed me that he will be moving locations for a couple of weeks & just might have wireless internet there. So, we are both keeping our fingers crossed that he does & maybe we can have a couple of skype dates. It would thrill my soul to see his sweet face. I miss him so much...but we are this much closer to R&R:) I am so ready!!!!

Well, just wanted to get a blog in real quick, seems like they have been scarce lately...apologies:)
Hope you all have a wonderful week:)


Anonymous said...

just wanted you to know i left you something on my blog!

Jen said...

Hello!! :) I left you an award on my blog! :)