Saturday, June 11, 2011

Our Little Miracle of Life

So, Wednesday we had our ultrasound of Baby Z & it was by far one of the most awesome things in life. We were able to see our little peanut, hear the heart beat (which was 175) & see the little feet move. It was the best feeling in the world to see the little miracle of life inside me! Hubby was in awe too! We are already have so much love for this little life & can't wait to watch it grow & grow & form into our bundle of joy we can hold in our arms!!!

The midwife wasn't off by far with how far along I am. It was just a few days, so now I am 9 weeks & 2 days! Baby Z is a size of an olive!!!!

I will post the pic of our ultrasound as soon as I can get it uploaded!!!


Jen said...

Aww yay! :) Such an exciting time! I hope are feeling well!

ancient one said...

Precious, precious, precious.. I'm so happy for y'all !! luv ya