Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcoming in November:)

Hello, November! I'm so glad you have come to grace us with your presence! Now, just as fast as you have come in, I would be forever grateful if you were that fast to leave us & let December follow in your footsteps! Because, of course I am ready to see my lovely husband soon!!!!

I am so excited November is here...another month closer, my birthday, and Thanksgiving all rolled into one!!!! Can't wait to get this month moving!

Just a hello to some new followers:) Thank you for following my page! Please leave a comment so I can also check out your blog as well!!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween weekend!!!!


The young army wife. said...

Hi! I'm a new Follower:) &I definitely agree with you, November please hurry up so I can see my husband as well!!

Anonymous said...

Look at you with your 30+ followers. Rockin' the bloggers world I see. :) You make me proud. lol

Gris said...

I'm ready for December, I hope November goes by fast.

AbbeyG said...

What an exciting month for you!! I hope you are constantly having fun, because you know whenever you're having fun times just seems to FLY by!! :)