Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ok, so it has been awhile since I have made a post on my blog, so now I'm sitting at home, with hubby at his weekend drill, and me nothing to do other than write some things that are on my mind. First of all I will give you all an update on my married life...we are enjoying every minute of it...couldn't imagine not being married now. We have made us a family by adopting a very precious dachshund named Charlie - he is so spoiled by both of us, but he has become our new love!!! He was born on Christmas and is now 4 months old. He is full of energy and loves people.
We are so happy he is ours!!!

It is now spring time and almost summer which I love very much, my 2 most favorite seasons of the year. We have started working out in the yard w/ putting out ferns, new patio furniture, and potting some flower hanging baskets. I'm so excited but I always have ideas of doing things new and it never ends. But, oh well I will keep continuing while I am young and have the energy.

Onto something else...I can't believe it has been 5 years since I have graduated highschool. Most of the time people have 10 year class reunions, but when we graduated we all agreed on a 5 year reunion. So, since that is coming up and now our class presidents do not want to plan it me and my friend Tiffany are going to take charge and get it together. We are thinking of having it down near the Washington waterfront at a park and have a hamburger and hotdog cookout and just have fun visiting with old classmates. I am very excited about seeing everyone with everything that has gone on in their lives, changes, new exciting opportunities, and maybe even new lives they have brought into the world. We hope it turns out well and everyone shows interest, but people are busy these days, so we will see.

Well, I am off to go help my brother pick out a suit/tux for prom. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and hopefully it won't be as long when I return.


ancient one said...

Hope your class reunion goes well.. Washington waterfront is a beautiful place.. I know you are having fun getting your yard should have come up town and seen the shriners parade with us...

Pen Pen said...

Five years? Already??? Girl, you are getting old. :o) No, really, I am getting old!!! Glad you like my wreath... yours would be super cute with a big "Z" hanging from yours! And I love Charlie Zimmerman!