Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Heart is Deploying in January

On June 22, 2009 I received the most dreaded news a wife that has a husband in the military could hear. My husband will be deploying to Iraq in early January. My husband has been part of the Army Reserves for a year and a half now and we just knew that it would work out for him to be in for his 6 years and no deployments come up. Especially being it was a reserve unit. But, God had other plans (because nothing happens out of God's plan) for us and it is my husband's duty to serve his country during his 6 years of service. I know deep down my husband is excited about being able to go and say he did a tour in Iraq while he was in the military, but it's hard for him to show his excitement when he knows it's the toughest news I have had to swallow in a long time. Don't get me wrong, I love my husband beyond words and am happy to have a soldier in the Army doing the duty and am so very proud of him, BUT if I had it my way I would of course want him to stay home safe & sound with me. It also comes at a hard time being that we have only been married for 8 months now. We are still newlyweds!!! But, when God disrupts MY plan for HIS plan - I will not complain. Or try not to, sometimes it is hard, but I have to keep reminding myself it is His plan and if we have to sacrifice 12 months of our lives for something greater to happen down the road then so be it. Of course, when I first found out I was devastated and had no clue what to do. I still have no clue what to do , but I am doing much better now that the initial shock is over. I know it will be a long road ahead of us and I will have my days where it will be hard & tough and I will be lonely, but the Lord will see me through. I pray that you all will pray for us & then for Matt for his safety, protection, health & well being. He is not nervous at all about going, but me being the caring wife am a little apprehensive. I just want him to go & come home safely & in one piece. Because, not many women can say this....but I have the BEST husband and can't wait to start a family with this wonderful man God created for me. He always tells me that no matter the distance between us, he will always be with me in my heart!!!! And I know he means that with every breath that is in him, but the human nature of me wants him here with me physically. So I can see him, touch him, kiss him & show him my love. But, as for now, when the time comes I will cherish the letters, phone calls, emails & anything else we can communicate by. Continue to pray for us as the last months come quickly for us to spend time together & cherish every moment & pray for us while he is overseas. But, also pray for all of our troops & their families. I once heard & believe this to be true - the families have it harder during a deployment because we have no training for taken over every responsibility when your spouse is gone & going through the loneliness, where as the soldiers have the training & are with a unit of men/women each & every day who share the duties of it all. Support our troops in anyway you can!!!!

Unitl next time...